Could Beer Be Good for You??

Could Beer Be Good for You??

It’s no secret that over consumption of any alcohol can have serious and potentially fatal side effects. However, there are legitimate studies that show that there can be real health benefits linked to moderate consumption of beer. Now, what is moderation? Certainly not something any college student has ever heard of. Moderation is described as one or two drinks per day. Here’s a few reasons why you should consider unwinding with a pint of craft beer after a long day at work. 

Beer Contributes to your daily nutrient intake

Experts and alcohol lovers alike agree that beer can be seen as more of a food than a beverage, often being referred to as liquid bread. Anyone who’s ever sipper a pint of Guinness would be able to agree. This means that while contributing to your daily caloric intake, beer is also providing you with the essential nutrients your body craves. A professor of brewing sciences at the University of California claims that beer is better for you than wine when it comes to B vitamins, phosphorus, folate and niacin. Craft beer is especially rich in antioxidants thanks to the barley and hops used in the production. Which means, moderate beer consumption may be the key to getting your body the nutrients it needs!

Beer can promote exercise

In a world where not nearly enough adults engage in the recommended amount of daily exercise, beer could be the solution. In a study published in the National Institute of Health, it was found that people who qualify as moderate drinkers were twice as likely to engage in exercise compared to people who didn’t drink at all. Moderate drinkers were also found more aware of their caloric consumptions, which is linked to a healthy lifestyle. So go ahead and pick up that beer after a long day, it may be the motivation you need to get in your next workout. 

Beer may help you live Longer
In a study conducted by a psychologist at the University of Texas it was found that people who drink moderately live longer than those who don’t. While heavy alcohol consumption was found to have a negative impact on your health. After reviewing numerous studies, it was found that doctors commonly consider moderate alcohol consumption to be a healthy component of longevity.  Moderate drinkers, especially beer drinkers were found to have reduced effects of high cholesterol, heart disease, and lower risks of diabetes! 


Now, don’t take this information as an excuse to dive into binge drinking this weekend! Anything done in excess is naturally unhealthy, but with these findings, following the guidelines of moderation may be your key to enjoying brews for a very long time! So next time you're looking to unwind after a long day, crack open a brew and commit to the scientifically proven, beer induced healthy lifestyle!

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