FAQs About The Adventure Drink Line

 Everything you need to know about your adventure bottle and more!


Q: How do I put together my Adventure Bottle and Tap?

A: First replace the seal on the solid top. See our youtube video. Then to set it up see this video:  


Q: What Can I Put in My Adventure Bottle?

A: Anything that's carbonated and is best served cold! That includes your favourite craft beer, wines, and sodas. With different gasses you can do nitro coffee, stabilize wine, and more. 


Q: What's the Perfect PSI for My Drink?

A: If you're ready to pour a pint, set the PSI between 2-4!


Q: How Do I Transport My Drink?

A: If your bottle is full, just screw on the solid top or the Adventure Tap and you're good to go. If you're using your Adventure Tap, be sure to increase the PSI to about 10-15 for storage or transport. 


Q: How Do I Get the Perfect Pour?

A: Pouring from your Adventure Tap is exactly like pouring from a regular beer tap. Follow these easy steps for the perfect pour:

  1. Start with a clean glass at a 45 degree angle. Make sure the stream of beer always hits the slope in the middle of your glass and hold in this position until it is half full.
  2. After the glass is over half-full, slowly tilt the glass to 90 degrees to fill the glass.
  3. We have had good luck with slowly opening the faucet first to get some flow and then going full open. Check our YouTube for example pours.


Q: How Do I Clean My Adventure Bottle?

A: We recommend giving your Adventure Bottle a good scrubbing with mild soap, water, and a bottle brush between uses. All parts of your Adventure Tap come apart, and we recommend washing the parts immediately after use. When you're ready to pack your bottle away for the season, we recommend a deeper clean with commercial Beer Line Cleaner, which is great for getting your bottle and accessories super clean. Remember to get under the rubber seals often, check our YouTube for full details. See our short video here.


Q: How Do I Store My Adventure Bottle?

A: Once your Adventure Bottle is clean and dry, just screw on the solid top and pack it away. If you're storing with the Keg Top, ensure that the CO2 regulator is decreased all the way.


Q: My tap handle is stuck closed, what now?

A: Remove the tap piece by unscrewing it from the collar, and soak it in hot water.  Dried beverage just glued the pieces together temporarily. 



Q: Something is Broken. Where Can I Purchase Replacement Parts?

A: We get that you'll want to use your Brew Bottle every chance you get and you might need to replace some parts. Here's a list of where to get extras:

Hose: Each bottle comes with enough hose for 1-2 replacements. If you need more, you can pick some up in Accessories.


Q: Where Can I Purchase More CO2 Containers?

A: From our Accessories!


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