Growlers, What Are They and Why Stainless Steel

Growlers, What Are They and Why Stainless Steel
To put it simply, a growler is a container that holds beer, allowing for easy transport from the taproom to your next adventure. Also described as an air-tight container, typically made out of glass or stainless steel that allows you to take draft beer to any destination without effecting the quality. While you’ll more often find glass growlers available to purchase, stainless steel growlers are the superior choice. Here’s why.


 While glass growlers are available at nearly every craft brewery you can think of, there’s a few flaws in their design that may steer you towards purchasing one made of metal. The most obvious being, glass breaks. Imagine this: you’re leaving your favourite brewery, on your way to a party with a growler of your new favourite seasonal beer that you’ve been raving to friends about all week. As you go to unlock your car door, you fumble with the keys and your growler falls to the unforgiving pavement, shattering, much like your hopes and dreams of wowing your friends with this incredible brew. A true party fowl. 


Not only is the idea of your growler shattering truly heartbreaking, but it’s only just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to reasons for choosing stainless steel over glass. The next reason revolves around insulation.  You can’t insulate glass. A cold brew in a glass growler will only keep its temperature for a short period of time, especially on a hot summer day. However, insulated stainless steel has its name for a reason. Specifically designed and insulated to keep your cold drinks cold, and hot drinks hot; stainless steel growlers can keep your beer at an ideal temperature for up to 24 hours. Although stainless steel growlers may be more expensive and hard to come by, the durability and quality of the product speaks for itself.


With the growing interest in the craft beer industry, a growler is a must have for any beer lover. Whether you’re throwing a party, having a night in with friends, or headed out to the mountains for a day of adventures, a growler is the best way to keep your favorite local brew flowing on the go. 

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